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| September 16, 2016 | 2 Comments
Yanuncay River Park, Cuenca

Yanuncay River Park, Cuenca


While the layout of this blog is being worked on, why not jump in now?   But wait a minute! Why jump in at all?

Why would I want to blog?  I’m retired, kicking back, cooling my jets, tranquilo, right?  And…..  for God’s sake,  a blog about expat life in Cuenca — a subject so thoroughly covered as to give one pause.  Shucks, there are dozens of excellent blogs from Cuenca immigrants (aka expats) eg,  Cuenca Perspectives,  Oregon to Ecuador,  South of Zero, and Ecuador George.  Well, hmmmm, it’s not because Cuenca needs another expat blog!  Let’s just say:

It’s a great way to let folks back home know how my husband and I are doing; and a great way to catalog the photos, stories, passions, and discoveries my husband and I will have on this Ecuadorian re-adventure.   Yes, for me it’s a re-adventure —  as I have a sordid past that includes 3 years in Ecuador, off and on, from 1975 to 1983.  I’ll get into that later, as you’ll see why I’ve called my blog Ecuador Redux.   The slant this blog will have is comparisons with life in Ecuador when it was the classic Banana Republic with military leaders and juntas.

See you soon!  Hasta pronto!


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  1. Marian McDonald says:

    This is good to see! Do you have any notion how often you expect to update it? Will it be for general consumption or just for family and friends?
    Thanks for the info, Cheryl! Marian

    • cherylpomeroy7 says:

      Hi Marian! Glad to know I have one reader! It’s meant for anyone to read — but don’t expect it to “catch on” right away. Once a week perhaps?

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